Administration Unit

About the Administration Unit

The Administration Unit is responsible for the overall ongoing daily operations of the organization. Together, the unit works to implement the Leadership’s mandate for the organization by following the Strategic Priorities and the seven pillars for success.

The unit recommends best practice and implements approved policy and procedures. The Leadership is informed of the operations with quarterly meetings and updates about finances, programs and services.


The Administration Team is comprised of the following:

Position Employee
Executive Director Mary Carlson
Executive Assistant Heather Bighead
Finance Manager David Jorgensen
Human Resource Advisor Tara Campbell
Personnel Finance / Assistant Glenna Thomas
Receptionist Office Assistant Deanne Janvier, temporary

The Human Resource Advisor coordinates a Human Resources Working Group comprised of representatives from the NITHA Partnership that are guided by a standard terms of reference.

For more information about the Administration Unit please contact Heather Bighead, Executive Assistant.